We are live!


Guess what.. Yes! Moonlight Express is out!

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So close!


Exciting news! We have released our official Trailer...

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10 days left


A LOT, is going on over here. It's only 10 days until we're finally releasing our game and it's slowly starting to feel like a fire under our feet...

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I need to show you something


A lot has been going on. Damir and Lea are working super hard to make me ready for my launch. My looks are almost done and definite, so I wanted to share something...

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We are still here!


Moonlight Express here! Wooh, it was a while since I last wrote you. In case you're wondering, it was precisely 1 month, 26 days, 1 hour and 44...

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Status update


Hi guys! It's me, Moonlight Express. Today I wanted to share with you a quick status update on how I look and also a few throwback pictures from the process of creating me.

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10 Reasons to make a game…

   when everyone else is already doing this

I believe that making a game nowadays needs a little courage. Damir and I are going to launch our game during December this year...

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