5+1 games that will WOW you!

5+1 games that will WOW you!

Damir's top choice

Let’s face it. It’s January 2016 and there is approximatelly 480,000 games on the US iOS App Store. Just for this particular platform, around 1,700 new games are submitted each day. 1,700!

Let’s pretend you stop sleeping, eating, working and basically everything else you do through the day, except playing games. To be able to try out every new game submitted every day, you would be left with 50 seconds per game, including the time required to download and install it. How crazy is that?! Well, I guess you don’t want to stop sleeping and eating in order to find the best game…

So to stop you from doing that, I’ve made a small list of games that will fulfill your everyday gaming desire. These are the games that stand out from the crowd in the best ways possible.

Go ahead, scroll down and I dare you to TRY THEM ALL!


5. Goat Simulator

Category: Funny
Available for: iPhone, iPad, Android, MAC, PC, Xbox One & 360
Price (iOS): $4.99
Download here.

Official trailer
Gameplay • PewDiePie edition

4. Shadowmatic

Category: Puzzle
Available for: iPhone, iPad
Price: $2.99
Download here.

Official trailer

3. Metamorphabet

Category: Educational
Available for: iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC
Price (iOS): $3.99 or play demo here
Download here.

Official trailer

2. Crossy Road

Category: Addictive / Multiplayer
Available for: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle, Mac, PC
Price (iOS): Free
Download here.

Official trailer

1. Tiny Wings

Category: Gorgeous
Available for: iPhone, iPad
Price: $0.99
Download here.

ALERT: Check out this blog post to find even more gorgeous games like this!

Official trailer

BONUS: Moonlight Express

Category: Beautiful, Addictive, Joyful, …
Available for: Coming soon to iPhone, iPad, Apple TV


Moonlight Express


Damir • January 22, 2016

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