How our story began: Part 1

How our story began: Part 1

An idea is born

It was June 2014. Me and my girlfriend were having a fun and relaxed brainstorm-session about making something new and fresh someday. We came up with an idea for a game that had to be very different in mechanics and graphics than other well-known games.

We talked about the possibility of interacting with voice control, or even voice recognition, and really liked it.

So, we were looking for something that could be controlled with voice. That something would be happening somewhere by interacting with it somehow.

While searching for games with a similar idea , we found this game. A very cool and funny voice controlled space shooter, which is quite popular in some countries. We liked it, so we kept on thinking. My girlfriend really likes Christmas so she came up with the idea of controlling this something by making a “Ho-Ho-Ho” sound with your voice. You know, just like Santa does.

But what could this something be? We thought about gifts and Santa dropping them when you make sound. This could be fun, right? Yell “Ho-Ho-Ho” and drop a gift!
After initial excitement we asked ourselves: Why would Santa drop the gifts into the chimneys? Isn’t he stopping on the roof of every house, carefully sliding through chimneys to drop gifts under Christmas trees? Our answer was: Because he is in a hurry! Santa could be really late with his delivery on Christmas night, so he decides to drop the gifts from his sleigh into the chimneys instead of stopping on every roof. The goal would be to drop as many gifts as one can, before sunrise, while continuously riding a sleigh above the houses.

So we had it:

Something: dropping gifts.

Somewhere: on a Christmas night, flying above the houses.

Somehow: by making the “Ho-Ho-Ho” sounds.

We were really happy and excited, but this is how it goes: you come up with the idea, you get excited and you want to rush into it. At least this is what happens to me. Every single time. The creation process is just too tempting for me to stop. This time, using my self-knowledge, I insisted to sleep through the idea. At least one night. I believe sleep brings down the heat of the excitement and helps to think more racional. If the idea can pass my wave of questions the next morning, it’s a keeper.

And it did, so we decided: Let’s build this game!

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Damir • November 26, 2015

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