How our story began: Part 3

How our story began: Part 3

Lea joins

If you haven’t yet, please check out part one and part two of the series about how the story of our game was born.

It was the 11th of August, 2014, when I received Lea’s response. Not only she was interested in joining the project with me, but she also shared my wish to create a game someday. It was a perfect match.

We scheduled a Skype call and from then on, we have had synchronization calls (almost) every week. We even created Google Documents, where we wrote the important notes from every call. Our first call was an introduction of ourselves, our previous projects and our passions. Then, we moved onto the story of our game.

If you remember from part two, the story of our game was far away from being finished at that time. Hey, it isn’t finished even today! 😊 But that’s the thrill of creating a story. We are constantly trying to improve it and make it more exciting and unique. One of our reasons to write this blog is to involve you, our fans, in the creation process of our game. In this way we can make the best game ever and have it shared with a lot of people at the same time!

When Lea and I started working on the story we both agreed to keep the noble cause (Deliver gifts to as many kids as you can) as the core of our story. Also, we agreed on losing the “Ho-Ho-Ho” part, it was too complicated. Instead we decided that a gift could be dropped by a tap on the screen.

The story we had at the time was happening on the night before Christmas in a fantasyland. This fantasyland is a place where everything is possible. You, as a player, are on a mission to deliver as many gifts as possible before the kids wake up in the morning. Since our story is happening in a fantasyland, we had to make a connection with the original christmas-story in order for everyone to understand the intent of our game. To achieve this , we wanted our game to start in a realistic looking world with a classic Santa riding on his sleigh above houses.

Continuing from this realistic looking world, the player would progress into a fantasyland. A fantasyland would still have the same (game)mission, but the environment, physics and the overall look and feel would be completely different. Santa would be replaced with some kind of a goodwill fantasyland character, sleigh would be replaced by a fantasy vehicle, and normal houses would be replaced with a mysterious fantasyland alternatives.

But why have only one fantasyland?, you may ask. So did we. Therefore, our next thought was to have multiple fantasylands following one after another. Yes, we were thinking big. Every fantasyland would have it’s own look and feel with a unique twist to it. The player would progress from one fantasyland to another, making sure to drop as many gifts as possible. Each of the following fantasylands would be more challenging, requiring more skill from the player to successfully progress to the next fantasyland. Almost like levels.

To fulfil our excitement of thinking about magical fantasylands, we planned a brainstorming session about fantasylands we could have.

We’ve come up with some crazy awesome ideas:

  • Floating fields: a fantasyland where everything is built on a floating islands high up in the sky.

Floating fields fantasyland inspiration Inspiration for our “Floating fields” fantasyland. Source.

  • Above and under: a fantasyland where half of the world is under the water and the other half is above the water.

Above and under fantasyland inspiration Inspiration for our “Above and under” fantasyland. Source.

  • Upside down space: a fantasyland located in space where physics are inverted.

Upside down space fantasyland inspiration Inspiration for our “Upside down space” fantasyland. Source.

Those are just some of the fantasylands that we’ve come up with. We actually listed 20 of them!

If you’re interested, you can read an actual document with the rough storyline we’ve come up with on our second call. After that moment, our story has been given a core and a place to live. It was still young, but getting more and more mature with every next meeting Lea and I had.

Today is October 2015. Our story has progressed a lot since then, but it still takes place in a magical fantasyland where noble spirit lives.

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Damir • December 10, 2015

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