How our story began: Part 4

How our story began: Part 4

An e-mail from Slovenia

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading our blog so far. I think Damir did a great job on the previous posts. Giving you some background info on how everything began. When you haven’t read the first three parts of this series yet you can start here.

I already got a little introduction, but I think it’s nice to tell you something myself.

My name is Lea Vervoort, a twenty-something freelance illustrator from the Netherlands. I work for international clients on projects of varying nature. Telling stories, using my imagination and giving color to everyday life are big parts of my work. (But to be honest, checking and writing e-mails are too.)

When I was traveling in Cambodia during the summer of 2014, I received an e-mail from a Slovenian developer. He introduced himself as Damir Stuhec and told me he was finishing his masters degree in Computer Science. He saw my work which connected to the idea he had in mind for a game. A game which would give him an opportunity to work with someone, learn something new, build a great user experience and have a lot of fun…

I’ve been interested in game design and animation for a while.

During my last years of my illustration studies I developed a big love of illustration in combination with other media (like animation, interaction and game design). My graduation project in 2012 involved two interactive stories in different formats.

Last year, I saw the documentary “Indie game: the movie” which reminded me of that time. I realised that I really wanted to work on a game project sometime. So when I got Damir’s e-mail that summer, you may understand I was interested in hearing more.

After I got back from my trip, we mailed back and forth a bit, planned a skype-call and decided to start our journey. Time passed and we’re still here; working together, learning new things, building a game and having a lot of fun!

Lea • December 17, 2015

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