We are still here!

We are still here!

Hi everyone!

Moonlight Express here! Wooh, it was a while since I last wrote you. In case you’re wondering, it was precisely 1 month, 26 days, 1 hour and 44 seconds ago. I had to blow air 7 times to get rid of all the dust collected on my typewriter!

Let’s be honest. Did you think I wasn’t around anymore? That my creators, Lea and Damir just abandoned me, together with an amazing story that’s screaming to be told!? Well, sit tight, because I’m NOT going anywhere! I’m here to last, beyond the day I’m finally launched to all of you, impatient lovers of great games and magical stories. ☺️

We have received a great response about the progress on the game so far and hope you will keep coming back to find out more about it.

Let’s get even more honest. It takes a lot of hard work, passion and thinking to create something truly unique and special. I can tell you that Lea and Damir are working really, really, really hard to do just that. And that’s the reason why we were away for a while. We have our sleeves rolled high up, sailing towards our mission while listening to every idea, suggestion and comment you guys have. Don’t forget, we are in this together and we are so excited to have every one of you by our side!

That’s it for now, see you next time!

Ha! Did you really think I would leave you just like that, out there on the dry?
No-no. 😊

I have something special to show you! Here is a little sneak peak on our progress:

Moonlight Express Sneak Peak

Hungry for more? Visit our Instagram page where you can feast on more photos of me!

Till next time, we love you! 🌙

Moonlight Express • May 26, 2016

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