Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome!

Thank you so much for visiting our website. It means a lot.

My name is Damir. I’m a software engineer, specialised in mobile development. I was born and raised in Slovenia. I’m not alone here. I’m in a great company of an extremely talented illustrator from the Netherlands. Her name is Lea.

Besides a bunch of other things, we are passionate about art, design, programming and games. Our paths crossed in a wish to create something great, fresh and joyful. We believe that games are the perfect tool for storytelling and we are on a mission to create a mobile game to share our story with.

Think of this website as the “secret” laboratory of our journey. It’s a place for us to share our progress, learnings, achievements and even failures. It’s also a place for you to be a part of our project . We will involve you in our project, collect feedback, provide access to private beta versions, reward you with amazing giveaways and a lot more! 🎉

To share our progress, Lea and I will regularly write blog posts. Since I’m a programmer, I will write about technical oriented things and Lea will write about the overall visual aspects of making the game and the story behind it.

You can already start reading here about how our story started.

Damir • November 12, 2015

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