Moonlight Express

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Moonlight Express


A feel good sky high adventure
Embark on a journey to save Christmas

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December 16




Game: Adventure / Family


$1.99 USD


It’s the night before Christmas. Santa Claus is about to start delivering gifts but his reindeer refuse to fly. He calls a boy named Palti for his overnight delivery service “Moonlight Express”. Palti promises to do his very best and deliver the gifts on Santa’s request.

With a seemingly easy one-tap gameplay, Moonlight Express invites you on an adventure in the serene heights of Skyscraper City. Embark on the noble quest of this cliché breaking Christmas game, filled with atmospheric music and beautiful graphics.



In 2014 Damir contacted Lea about his dream: making an independent game. After an enthusiastic reply from Lea, the project “Christmas Game” started. In the beginning both of them worked on Moonlight Express next to their regular jobs but during 2016, this turned into a full time endeavour.
Joined by them are Damir’s brother Dejan (sound artist) and Lea’s boyfriend Steef (animator). The game is completely self-funded.

Fun fact: Damir and Lea still haven’t met in person, but the common passion for creating an unique gaming experience has kept them connected all the time.


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Damir Stuhec, curious developer since 2008 (Slovenia).
Lea Vervoort, imaginative illustrator and designer since 2012 (Netherlands).


Dejan Stuhec


Steef Jacobs


Damir Stuhec (developer)

[email protected]
+386(0) 31 596 178

Lea Vervoort (designer)

[email protected]
+31 621 455 485

We think Moonlight Express is special. Here is why.

Damir loves Christmas time and the spirit of it. Ever since he was a child, he enjoyed how effortlessly it brings people and families together. Every single year, he was lucky enough to experience the magic of Christmas and the happiness it brings. Those memories and emotions were the foundation for Moonlight Express.

When Damir contacted Lea, he told her that he wanted to make a Christmas game. One that wasn’t about Santa struggling through chimneys, reindeer, elves, materialism or anything like that. It had to be a game with a focus on the noble quest: deliver as many gifts as possible. Damir felt that all existing Christmas games on the market had the same approach and he wanted to make something that was more original. It had to stand out and most of all: look different. A lot of Christmas games are part of the over-the-top commercial Christmas craze, which is more about decorations than being together.

Lea agreed and she came up with an idea to let the story take place in a fantasyland. An imaginary place gave them the opportunity to think outside the box. After a brainstorm session they had a list of crazy environments: Floating fields (floating islands in the sky), Above and under (half of the world is under the water), Upside down space (a universe with inverted physics) and 17 more.

The one that got chosen was the Civic Skyscraper city, a place with endless vertical buildings. It had a funny way of receiving gifts (onto the balconies instead of through chimneys) but still was believable. This made it easier for everyone to understand the intent of Moonlight Express. Another thing that was decided, was to have Santa replaced by Palti, a boy with an over-night delivery service.

Moonlight Express is about endorsing equality and making sure that every single child, no matter where or in what kind of conditions it lives, deserves to experience the magic of Christmas. It has a connection with the original Christmas-story but with a twist. All of this, together with its unique design, makes the game truly special and different from other Christmas clichés.